We are a London based fashion design company who design a number of unique, exclusive and high quality collections for the fashion industry every year.   

Design is the heart of our business and our passion for it is displayed in everything we do.


We specialise in Accessories collections with a difference. By creating a new set of 'trends' each year we produce a broad range of unique products characterised by bold design, full use of colour and stylish embellishments which add fun and glamour to any wardrobe.


Our collections are unique, high quality and very desirable. They are produced to sit perfectly in your sales environment and will delight and entice your customers giving you sales that will exceed your expectations.


From the urban vibe of the ALICE collection, to the sparkling snowflakes of NORDIC from the all-encompassing cosiness of the SHAWLS & CAPES, to the nostalgia of RETRO, our 2015 collection has something for everyone.